Redefining Luxury

Detron Forbes Introduction

Mr Detron Forbes left a career as a professional athlete and a grueling schedule as a personal trainer feeling burnt out.  As a connoisseur of fine whisky, you can always find him with his signature neat glass in hand.  It was not until Mr. Forbes needed a new stress reliever that he was introduced to the vast world of cigars.  Detron’s love of fine cigars quickly became a passion for the birth of a new venture, so he seized the opportunity to create a brand that was missing from the marketplace.

Mr. Forbes conception of his “2 THE TIP” model was based on personal experiences and the need for such a product.  He theorized that a cigar holder could be developed featuring a mouthpiece complete with a ventilation tube extension and an attachable, ring-like rubber grip.  The mouthpiece and extension inserted into the draw end of the cigar surrounds and grips the cigar providing a holding area for the smoker.  This eliminates the need to touch the cigar’s wrap, ensuring residual odor is not transferred to an individual’s thumb or index finger.

A steel mesh tube is included with the unit and applied to surround the lit end of the cigar.  This tube contains cigar ashes and prevents them from falling onto a smoker’s clothing, which ensures and promotes an attractive appearance, also preventing ashes from falling to the floor, furniture, etc.  Ultimately such a product would save time and effort and enhance the convenience and the smoking experience; thus the “2 THE TIP” was born.

Detron Forbes & Forbes Cigars (DFC) also has a line of high-end, premium cigars infused with flavor.  He uses the best quality blends of tobacco imported from the Dominican Republic and other international regions.  You are invited for a one-of-a-kind smoking experience that is prestigious in both shape and taste.

Mr. Forbes is a resident of Fort Worth, Texas, who has experience in behaviorial management, correctional facilities, child and family services, and the service industries.  He has four children and enjoys riding motorcycles, working out, and swing-out dancing in his spare time.  Mr. Forbes is also a member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

His ultimate desire is to build a legacy for his children, family and community to continue inspiring other entrepreneurs and affirm how, with a good work ethic and fortitude, to never give up on hopes and dreams… the possibilities are endless.

Now, let’s Redefine Luxury!

Cigars and Accessories

Premium Cigars

Hand rolled premium tobacco from the Dominican Republic and other International regions.

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From our patented 2 THE TIP cigar holder to just about any other type of smoking accessory you may need.

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Our large selection of smoking jackets includes all types and sizes, from casual to premium fabrics and patterns.

“We focus every day on providing enjoyment for people that love great cigars.”